About 79-80 IDC

The 79-80 Interstate Development Corporation (79-80 IDC) is a group of member companies and individuals that are organized for the promotion and development of the Eastern Mercer County Area and partnership areas. The area includes the Grove City School District, the region up to and including Mercer borough, Barkeyville and Slippery Rock. The 79-80 IDC Executive Board meets the second Thursday of every month.  The 79-80 IDC Board meets quarterly on the fourth Friday of that month.The corporation is comprised of various committees, such as, membership, sites and marketing, and legislative.

79-80 IDC is engaged in a number of activities in a variety of areas. The corporation has ties to Penn Northwest Development Corporation which acts as the lead for economic development in Mercer County. It also coordinates the development activities of our region with that of the county to provide the best opportunities with our region and area.

Additionally, the corporation acts in concert with the local governments and school districts to provide information and act as a conduit between the members and these taxing agencies. The board members are active; some are elected members, with these public bodies which enhances the communication between public and private entities. The corporation also has close ties to the areas' Chambers of Commerce and acts as a liaison between the business community, development agencies and government officials.

Through the years the 79-80 IDC has been active in a number of initiatives that have been a benefit to the area. These include but are not limited to Forta Fiber, GE, Grove City Premium Outlets, Reynolds Food Packaging (formerly Ivex). This group has often been the lead organization in these projects, coordinating the activities of both public and private entities, to achieve positive results and bring jobs that have made this area of the county, vibrant and the choice of these and other companies to come here.

The role of this group is to have a long term perspective of the development needs of the area. This often means the activities of the group are often not seen, but are vital to the success of many of the projects that have brought vitality to the area. Many of the initiatives lay the ground work that must be in place in order to attract the type of development and growth that will be most beneficial to the area. Very often the group is involved with infrastructure needs, site development and activities with local and state groups to obtain the consensus and funding that are always required to achieve success.